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The Best Palce To Buy Firewood Online.If you are looking for firewood for sale, then look no further. Our premium quality fuels are the very best and delivered direct to your door.

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Buy firewood online USA at firewood online shop. Welcome to Firewood Online, your one stop shop for firewood, kindling and biomass fuel. We are the USA’S leading firewood supplier and distribute premium quality kiln dried logs to homes and businesses. If you are looking for firewood for sale, then look no further. Our premium quality fuels are the very best and delivered direct to your door.

Since 2007 Firewood online has been leading the way for the distribution and consumption of firewood across the United States. Our mission is simple, to offer the highest quality firewood products, the most competitive prices and outstanding customer service. We are also passionate about our trade as all of our fuel products are sourced responsibly and our team of experts thoroughly examines the quality to ensure that it is to the highest grade. Everyday we delivery firewood, kindling and biomass to homes and businesses in the USA and we take great pride in our companies effectiveness to  keep Americans warm.Buy firewood online USA and feel free to browse our website or get in touch to speak with a firewood and fuel specialist.

Customers Testimonial

Their website is so easy to use. We've purchased their wood before, it's excellent, kiln dried and clean (we've purchased wood from other local places that is covered with dirt). Makes a lovely 🔥
Best wood I’ve ever burned hands down. My order was actually all real hardwoods and had no other junk or scrap mixed in. In my opinion the little extra cost was 100% worth it. Thanks for the help on the order Tyler!
Courtney Gary
Ordered a face cord of mixed hardwood on-line on Friday. It was delivered into my driveway the next day by a friendly young man. Wood is mostly ash. Tried it in my fireplace that night and it burned great.
Lonzo Meyer
Ordered via a online chat at 9 PM on a Saturday night and it was delivered before 1 PM on Sunday at no additional charge. Great online presence with the chat window and great customer service on delivery
Nichola Smitley
Received my firewood on schedule and it burned great! All of the logs were actual manageable pieces and perfect size for firewood. I've never tried kiln dried firewood before, but after trying it I will definitely be ordering more!
Christopher Tubbs
Called in the evening and had our wood delivered the next day even with all the virus stuff going on right now. The wood was clean and burned great, very happy we found this company! Thanks guys!!
Joyce Chapman
Great service and quality First time buying wood and i was a little confused. All of our questionsions and concerns were answered. Great experence dealing with these folks.We will most deffenatly be ordering from them again
William Jones
This company provides good quality wood. They care about customer acquisition and are very eager to ensure customer satisfaction.
Rena Westgate

Why Buy Firewood From Us


Kiln-dried firewood – Stop wasting hours this winter trying to start a fire to save $15 on firewood! Our firewood for sale reaches below 15% moisture content, which is impossible to achieve naturally.


All our  firewood for sale is guaranteed to not only burn, but burn 40% hotter than air-dried standard firewood. It’s also guaranteed to light immediately.


Kiln-dried firewood means our wood is bug, mold and disease free! It is also safe to store indoors.

Here at Firewood online shop, we service South Eastern Wisconsin, Waukesha & Milwaukee County with certified kiln-dried firewood. We guarantee you that our 100% Wisconsin firewood for sale will burn stronger than any other companies’ firewood.....

  • No more wasting time every day struggling to light a hissing fire with logs full of moisture.

    Our kiln bakes out all the moisture from our firewood so your fires light immediately! Don’t try to save $25 and buy from a company that is selling you wood they just split! Enjoy a nice, easy starting fire that burns hotter! Yes that’s correct, kiln dried firewood for sale burns 30-40% hotter than normal firewood! Read more about it here

  • We Firewood Understands What Firewood Users need!

    We use a wood burning stove ourselves. For years, before we started Best Burn Firewood, we struggled to find a provider for reliable dry wood, and thus fully understand what quality Wisconsin firewood for sale means to a customer.

    Another thing we learned from personally purchasing firewood over the past decade was how off-putting it was to see all the junk that came with each delivery. We had so much dirt, debris, and junk wood left over in our driveway that we wondered how much wood we actually got!

    Our solution is simple: Instead of scooping from the pile of wood, which collects all the junk, we have invested into a firewood cleaner, which literally removes an unwanted dirt, debris or loose bark etc! This means you don’t get all the debris left over in your driveway and are getting the exact amount of firewood that you paid for! Check out our Firewood Pricing Here 

  • Our Firewood Works hard so you don’t have to!

    Best Burn Firewood offers Wisconsin firewood for sale and same day delivery six days a week! We deliver to South Eastern Wisconsin and Waukesha & Milwaukee County and beyond! Check here for specific areas.

    People regularly ask “Where can I purchase firewood near me” The answer is simple, just call Best Burn Firewood! We work hard so you can enjoy a warm winter, or any other special time of the year that calls for some high quality, clean-burning Wisconsin firewood.buy firewood online usa

Unloading our firewood logs from local logging companies. All of our wood is then processed on our yard asap!
This is how we kiln dry our firewood everyday by loading our split firewood into our kiln. This is the process that ensures your firewood comes out clean, bug/mold free and at the lowest moisture content possible. Check out what Kiln Dried Firewood is
At our yard we have mountains of fresh split firewood that we do all throughout the year! We never are out of stock on wood, therefore you can count on us to sell you firewood anytime of the year! You will no longer need to search, firewood near me, on google all day.

Buy Firewood Online USA In Bulk

Our split firewood is made from 100% hardwoods. You can come and pick it up at our facility or we can deliver it to you. Our firewood is approximately cut to 18″ long. We can also special cut the firewood to any desired length for you. We also have block wood for sale as well. Block wood has no bark on it and comes in different sizes, nothing longer then 20″ in length.

Bulk firewood for sale near me with next day delivery. We can deliver firewood throughout the USA, including Columbus, Ohio – Los Angels, California – New York,Virginia and many more states. Our firewood is delivered with over 30 years experience supplying homes and businesses with a premium firewood. Our firewood includes walnut, poplar, oak, maple, cherry, hickory and all mixed hardwoods. We Sell Firewood all Seasons. The firewood is generally 16-20″ in length and has a quarter split.buy firewood online usa


                     Firewood delivery!

Call us at any time of the year, whether it’s in the hot summer or freezing winter, we have firewood for sale and can offer firewood delivery. We also offer stacking for your delivery upon request! We offer firewood delivery in Waukesha & Milwaukee county, also including the neighboring areas.

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                                  Our Location

Best Burn Firewood is located at 19000 W Lincoln Avenue, New Berlin WI 53146, right inside of Certified Products. We are not limited to only waukesha or milwaukee county, contact us today to see if you are in our delivery area!

Why Buy Firewood From Us

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